Texas Electric Service Order Form

Download electric order form: 2020 Electric order form

Elden Electrical Exhibition Services
Ph. 817-698-4687

Exhibitors can order via sending in the form or going to https://ordering.edlen.com/ and placing an online order.

The 500 watt outlet will cover a phone charger/computer. This includes 1 plug. We would recommend bringing a power strip to save money (if you want to plug in a charger and computer at the same time). We also have power strips available for order. For the basic 500 watt outlet, only pages 2 and 3 of the form will need to be completed.  For inline booths, the outlet will be in the back center of the space.

Missouri Convention Center Information

MO – Electricity & Internet Order Form / Exhibitor Info for Convention Center Including Parking Details.

2019 MO Electricity & Internet Order Form

Shipping, Materials Handling, Booth Furniture, Carpeting

2020 MO Shipping, Handling, Furniture, Carpeting Form

Loading Dock Location

Docks A, B, & C are located off of Convention Center Blvd. See parking lot locations map: St. Charles Convention Center Parking Map

Parking Information

Parking Lot C is located next to the exhibit hall, creating a convenient parking lot for exhibitor passenger vehicles, during exhibit shows.

Larger vehicles such as trucks, trailers, buses, etc. must utilize Parking Lot D (see parking lot map).

No overnight guests are permitted in RVs; here is RV parking information:

Sundermeier RV Park
111 Transit St.
St. Charles, MO 63301

Hotel Scam Alert

Each year, a third-party company claims to be booking rooms on behalf of Great Homeschool Conventions. This is a scam; their rates are $45–$70 higher than what GHC has negotiated with area hotels.

We have nothing to do with this company and they do not represent us in any way.

Please book your accommodations through one of the options on the Great Homeschool Conventions website to take advantage of our negotiated rates.