Missouri Sales and Use Tax Information

As stated in the exhibitor agreement, vendors are responsible for paying any sales tax required of them as well as obtaining any vendor or temporary vendor licenses required by the states each GHC event is held in each year.

The following links and information are provided for your convenience. If you have any licensing questions or any sales and use tax questions, please contact the Missouri Department of Revenue:

More Information

This information is from the Missouri Department of Revenue website.

Do I have to collect sales tax?

Yes, you must collect sales tax if you are selling retail to the public. Any person or company that is selling goods to a final consumer is required to collect and remit Missouri sales tax. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are collecting the correct tax rate.

You may be exempt from collecting sales tax if you or your spouse is at least 65 years of age and the income from the sales of handicraft items does not constitute more than 50% or your annual income . If you meet these qualifications, pay tax on your purchase, complete and display an Exemption Certificate for Sales of Handicraft Items (Form 2478PDF Document). Contact (573) 751-5860 or businesstaxregister@dor.mo.gov for further information.

Do I have to get a sales tax license?

Yes, you must obtain a Missouri sales tax license.

How do I get a sales tax license?

A Missouri Special Events ApplicationForm 2643S, must be completed and submitted to the Missouri Department of Revenue. It can also be obtained by visiting our Business Tax Registration Forms page or by calling (800) 877-6881.

How do I report and pay sales tax?

You will file and pay on the preprinted reporting forms that are mailed to you by the Department. If you are unable to locate this form, you may obtain a blank Form 53-1PDF Document from our website or call (800) 877- 6881. If the location of the special event is not listed on your 53-1 reporting form, you may add the location and indicate “special event” along with the tax jurisdiction (city and/or county) of the special event.

  • If products were sold at the event, give the breakdown for each city or county to allow the Department to distribute to the city or county their portion of the sales tax.
  • If orders were taken and then fulfilled at your place of business, sales tax would be remitted using your business location.

Can I sell wholesale to other vendors or sellers?

You may sell-tax exempt to other vendors providing they have a valid sales tax license, they furnish you with their sales tax number and complete a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate (Form 149) for you to keep on file. A supply of these forms can be obtained by visiting our Business Tax Registration Forms page or by calling (800) 877-6881.

What if I live in another state?

Your responsibilities for collecting and remitting sales tax are the same as a Missouri resident. However, if you earn more than $600.00 in the state of Missouri, you may also be required to file a Missouri state income tax return.


If you still have questions, please check out other Business Tax FAQs.

For more information pertaining to Special Events, contact the Department of Revenue at (573) 751-5860, or email businesstaxregister@dor.mo.gov.

Sales Tax FAQ: https://dor.mo.gov/faq/business/sales.php

Sales/Use Tax: https://dor.mo.gov/business/sales/

California Parking Information

Parking is $8 per entry for those driving in for the convention each day.

Exhibitors who have a tractor trailers or trailers for restocking purposes only can park overnight in Parking Lot C for $40/night (no in and out privileges). Arrangements can be made ahead of time by calling the Ontario Convention Center Service Desk at 909-937-3068. You can also make arrangements upon your arrival at the Guard Shack on Holt Blvd leading up to the dock.

No RVs or overnight sleeping in lot permitted.

Parking Map

Missouri Exhibit Hall Booth Assignments and Floor Plan

Dear Exhibitors,

As you know, we are hosting the Missouri Homeschool Convention at a new venue this coming July 19–21. We were told that more booth spaces were available than can actually be accommodated in the exhibit hall space. We found this out after securing the max number of booths we thought we could sell. We have had to work out some kinks in our floor plan setup for this first year at the St. Charles Convention Center.

Fortunately, the kinks were discovered ahead of time and Plan B could be implemented accordingly. As you look at the floor plan, you will notice the booths are all set up in long lines. This affected some exhibitor requests for an endcap or corner booths. The board does try to accommodate special requests, but could not do so in this case. We also had to adjust the aisles to 8-ft in between booth aisles as opposed to our typical 10-ft. or 15-ft. aisles. Some exhibitors are in the exhibit hall pre-function area. We ask for grace and understanding this year for the MO floor plan. It is the best option we had in order to accommodate the exhibitors who had pre-registered.

Also, as a reminder, the booth spaces at the Missouri Homeschool Convention are 8 ft. deep and 10 ft. wide as indicated on the original exhibitor application. Some of you may have forgotten, but we wanted to remind each of you of the booth size for this event.

##Floor Plan and Booth Assignments


Badges with lanyards are provided for those who will be manning your booth for the vast majority of the convention.

If you have shifts of volunteers, we provide enough lanyards to cover the number of people you will have in your booth at one time. You will need an envelope with your organization’s name on it to leave shift change badges in at the attendee registration desk. Volunteers can let the registration desk know they are with your organization, and then receive a badge to get into the exhibit hall.

Please note, if the volunteers you have coming to help plan on attending the rest of the convention after their 2–3 hour shift, those volunteers need to register as an attendee of the convention to shop or hear speaking sessions.

Any volunteers you have not planning to attend the rest of the convention do not need to register as an attendee if they do not plan on staying for the rest of the convention. This includes set-up or take-down volunteers.

We appreciate all of our exhibitors and look forward to working with you in Missouri!

Please direct questions to Kim McMillan: kim@greathomeschoolconventions.com or (513) 748-6998.

California Charter Schools

Seek Approved Vendor Status ASAP with California Charter Schools

A charter school is a term for a school that receives government funding but operates independently of the established public school system in which it is located, and in some cases is privately owned.

Not all California homeschooling families choose to be a part of a charter school. However, some homeschooling families in California do choose to supplement their homeschooling with classes offered at charter schools. As members of a charter school, parents can receive refunds for the purchase of approved curriculum and services from approved vendors. Charter schools create a list of approved material and service vendors for which parents can receive refunds.

To apply to be on the approved vendor list, please contact each of the charter schools listed below. Each of the charter schools listed will be exhibiting at the California Homeschool Convention due to their affiliation with CA homeschooling families. Charter schools have different approval times. Please contact each at your very earliest convenience.

Charter Schools

  1. Dehesa Charter School
  2. Excel Academy Charter Schools
  3. iLEAD Exploration
    • 657-231-8221
  4. Inspire Charter Schools
  5. Sage Oak Charter School
    • 888-435-4445
  6. Sky Mountain Charter Schools
  7. Springs Charter Schools
  8. Valiant Prep