GHC Online Update & Webinar

Dear GHC Exhibitor Family,

Thank you for your patience and kind understanding as we continue to try to make the best of the circumstances that we all are facing as a result of the Wuhan, China Coronavirus pandemic.

As you know, we have been forced to reschedule three (3) of our 2020 conventions for 2021. (South Carolina, Missouri and Ohio) All attendee registrations and exhibitor registrations are being automatically transferred to these 2021 dates & locations.

We are prayerfully optimistic that we will be able to continue with our plans to hold this year’s California, New York and Florida. We’ll keep you updated as we get closer to these dates, and pending further instruction from the CDC, State Governors, etc.

GHC has always been committed to providing maximum impact for our exhibitors by doing everything we can reasonably do to drive attendance to our regional conventions in general – and to the Exhibit Halls in particular. Not only do we advertise & promote these events extensively, but we have also introduced things like “Shopping Only” registrations and “Free Thursday Evening Shopping” admission… all in an effort to serve our wonderful Exhibitors well.

As we adjust our strategy for the remainder of 2020 and beyond, we are excited to announce the addition of our 8th convention… GHC Online. While we’ve contemplated adding this digital event previously, the demands of this past week have been the catalyst to bring this to fruition.

What does this mean for you?

In addition to the (7) regional GHC conventions, our 8th convention (GHC Online) will help us serve homeschoolers (and those considering homeschooling) in more rural settings and around the world. Importantly, this provides another opportunity for us to introduce them to you, your brand and your homeschooling resources.

This annual online event will include both Workshop Sessions and an online Exhibit Hall.

Our first GHC Online will kick off April 16 – 18… which are the dates for this year’s Ohio convention that has been rescheduled to 2021… but the online Exhibit Hall and Workshop Sessions will be available for a period of 60-days.

As of next year, “GHC Online” will be held the 2nd week of August. This will allow this event to be somewhat of a Convention Season Recap that will coincide with when so many families are making their final curriculum decisions for the oncoming school year.

GHC Online Exhibit Booth

Each of our regional convention exhibitors will now also automatically have a “GHC Online booth space” during the GHC Online Convention. This will include your company name, logo, one (1) GHC Convention-specific offer, and a link to your website.

We also encourage you to provide a GHC-Convention-specific “Landing Page” for us to link to, but – failing that – we’ll simply link to your home page.

Note: Be sure to offer something that is a very appealing bargain or discount, and also make sure you include a “deadline” or “expiration date.”

GHC Premium Online Exhibit Booth

This year, each exhibitor will also have the option of a complimentary “Upgrade” to a “Premium” online booth space which includes:

• A 2nd GHC Convention-specific Special Offer
• The option of also providing a 30-second promotional video/commercial which will be included in your GHC Online booth space.

Exhibitor Promotional Requirement

All “GHC Online” exhibitors must also agree to provide one post-per-day (April 16-18) on all of their social media sites. We will provide you with an official “GHC Online” image for both FB and Instagram.

GHC Promotion

GHC will be advertising & promoting “GHC Online” via email, social media and strategic cross-promotion along with key Sponsors/Partners. This also includes our wonderful friends at Focus on the Family.

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Elevated, a business strategy firm to help get you through this time. John and his team have worked with Kathy Koch from Celebrate Kids and Massey Campos from Self-Evident Ministries. They are highly sought after in both the non-profit and for-profit businesses sectors alike, because of their unique ideas and sincere desire to ensure that your business is successful. Their marketing company, Top Floor Marketing, will be providing some free webinars (as well some paid services at deep discounts) to help build the right package to promote to our audience.

Their first (FREE) webinar, “5 Strategies to Keep Business Going During COVID-19” will be hosted Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 at 1pm EST. Please click the link provided to ensure sign up and to participate in this first of several FREE resources available to you through our partnership. To find the full list of resources please visit

In closing

We continue to pray for you and your families during this pandemic, and we ask that you would remember us in your prayers as well.


Brennan & Mary Jo Dean and Kimberly McMillan
Great Homeschool Conventions


Dear GHC Exhibitor,

In light of President Trump’s National Emergency Declaration and in prayerful consultation with our Board leadership team, GHC is unable to conduct this year’s annual homeschool 2020 SC, MO, or OH convention. We are rescheduling for next year. All 2020 exhibit booth registrations will automatically be transferred to the 2021 conventions.

Thank you for your kind understanding during these unprecedented circumstances. We would ask that you pray for our ministry team as we pray for you and your loved ones to be safe and healthy during this pandemic, and we look forward to seeing you in 2021.

We are working to provide homeschooling families convention offers from our exhibitors. **Please email [email protected] the wording for your one or two convention specials. We are going to post the offers on our website and drive homeschooling families to your sites.

PLEASE NOTE: When you send in your one or two convention specials, please use this wording in the subject line: CONVENTION SPECIALS –  in all caps – so we can easily see and search for those emails as they come in. We are currently receiving lots of emails. We don’t want to miss adding your convention discount.

In the body of this email, please include the name of your company, the one or two offers, and the exact link you want to direct these families to on your site. 

God Bless You,
Great Homeschool Conventions

Texas Internet Service Form

From SmartCity:
The Exhibitor WI-FI can be accessed through your device, in the Wi-Fi settings select Exhibitor Internet. Upon clicking Exhibitor Internet, you would be taken to a splash page to pay and set up your personal username and Password. Please note the service will time out after 10 minutes of being idle. Prices are $79.99/device for 1 day, $227.97/device for 3 days and $359.95/device for 5 days.
There is the option to use your cellular device and just use your cellular data to connect the internet inside.