Check-In/Check-Out Procedures


When you arrive to set up your booth space, visit the exhibitor check-in table near the front of the exhibit hall to pick up your exhibitor packet which includes lanyards/badges, program guide, and a letter to exhibitors.


No early take-downs on Saturday are allowed. Check out is Saturday night at 5:30 PM. Before you begin packing up your booth, please return the all lanyards/badges in the exhibitor envelope to the exhibitor table. We re-use the lanyards/badges to help keep our costs low.

Texas Vendor License Information and Sales and Use Tax Information

Your business may require a vendor license to make sales in the state of Texas. Visit to obtain a temporary seller’s permit:

If your business does require that you obtain a temporary seller’s permit for the state in which you are exhibiting, you also need to submit payment of sales tax after the conventions. Sales and use tax forms can be found at the website mentioned above.

Questions about taxes or licenses should be directed to the professionals at each state department.

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts